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arteNÓMADA is an evolving performance group created in 2013 by Dalel Bacre. Born from the desire to create a space where artist from different disciplines could work together, arteNÓMADA proposes an open dialogue for collaborations.

The project’s philosophy is based on the sociocultural context of the artist being as vital as the space they inhabit.

It is a project of roaming, emphasizing the premise:

“Nomadism is an inherent condition to the artist”

arteNÓMADA believes in non-traditional methods to share movement and we rely on collaborations between artist to enrich their process while also promoting

arteNÓMADA supports coexistence through enriching the artistic and human experience of all.



Collaborations With:


Christian Weber (USA), Dr. Alderete (ARG), The Legendary Tigerman (PRG), Monika Gintersdorfer (DE), Knut Klaßen (DE), La Cebra Danza Gay (MX), Miguel Angel Punzano with the art project Tejido Conectivo (Spain), Shanti Vera with the company Cuatro X Cuatro contemporary scenic art (MX), Amplio Espectro (MX), Sin Luna Danza Punk (MX), Project Bipo.Bipo (Spain/MX), Alex Catona (RO).


Internacional Festival Cuatro X Cuatro Tenth Anniversary (Chiapas, MX), The Current Sessions, Vol. VII: On Resistance (NYC, NY), HighWays (Santa Monica Ca.), Kampnagel (DE), International Dance Festival Cuatro X Cuatro (MX), IIII Anniversary of the Mexiquense Cultural Center (MX),   International Art Festival (MX), Artistic Residence in Un Teatro (MX),  Espacio en Blanco (Spain), Arts Festival of Baja California (MX). 


Currently arteNÓMADA is located in the City of Los Angeles, Ca., and shares spaces in Mexico and Germany.

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