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Director & Photographer

Christian Weber is an internationally exhibited filmmaker and photographer who is consistently recognized for challenging a conventional interpretation of beauty. His films and photographs have won numerous awards, and have been featured in publications such as The New York Times Magazine, Interview, Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine, Newsweek, Esquire, Life, Spin, Details, GQ, and more. His short films have been screened internationally with The Creators Project in Tokyo, The New York Fashion Film Festival in New York and Seoul, and a special screening of the short film “Man on Fire” at the Musee d’art Moderne in Luxembourg. 
Weber's work was most notably the subject of a monographic exhibition at the Southeastern Museum of Photography. He’s also participated in a host of other exhibitions at home and abroad in shows organized by the likes of The Bruce High Quality Foundation and Chicago’s Schneider Gallery. 

Between his film and photographic work, Weber has been commissioned to create visuals in collaboration with many influential figures including Rick Rubin, 50 Cent, The Black Keys, Ussain Bolt, Kate Bosworth, Steve Buscemi, Dick Cavett, Landon Donovan, Jesse Eisenberg, Edie Falco, Rudy Giuliani, Josep Guardiola, Michael C. Hall, Anna Kendrick, John Kerry, Wiz Khalifa, Karl Lagerfeld, Sir Ian McKellan, Joe Manganiello, Seth Meyers, Frank Ocean, Manny Pacquiao, Rick Ross, Kelly Slater, Michael K. Williams, Miguel and Nas. Weber has also been commissioned to create global campaigns for a host of diverse clients. His clients include brands such as Audi, Bottega Veneta, Nike, BMW, HSBC, GE, Hennessy, HP, IBM, Levi’s, Showtime, Sony, VW and Xbox to name a few. 

Weber has also published several monographs. The first, “Blackline,” in 2009 featured haunting landscapes left in the wake of the Corral, Latigo, and Las Flores Canyon fires of October 2007. This was followed in 2011 and 2012 respectively by Weber’s “Selected Works” Volumes 1 and 2, monographic surveys of his diverse and recent output encompassing portraits, abstractions, landscapes and more. In 2014 he published “Explosions” with german publisher Kerber Verlag his first hardcover monograph in 5 years. This books narrows in on Weber’s recent “Explosion” works, gorgeous photos, with great detail of various pyrotechnic happenings, visually reminiscent of color field paintings in the vein of Jackson Pollock, Marc Rothko or Franz Kline. "Chaos Leads Our Order", Weber's fifth monograph, will release in March of 2016. 

Denise Hahn

Art Object & Apparel Designer


Dubbed a “mix-master of chaos” by Newsweek, DJ Chucuchu possesses a chameleonic ability to jump between music genres. A pioneer of the hybrid “Electropical” music genre, he remixes global rhythms (Cumbia, hip-hop, reggae and more) with innovative electronic beats. He has participated in international music festivals such as First Night Festival in Sidney and Big Day Out in cities across Australia and New Zealand, and has shared the stage with such music personalities as Lee “Scratch” Perry, Margarita “La Diosa de la Cumbia,” Mad Professor, El Tri, Celso Pina, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Molotov, and Nortec. While remaining a fixture in the clubs and bars of Mexico City, Tijuana and Guadalajara, DJ Chucuchu brings his infectious rhythms to cities across the United States and Europe.

"An innovator in the Tijuana electronic music and video scene, DJ CHUCUCHU pumps out infectious Latin rhythms while his visual accompaniment will transport you to a familia Cumbia fiesta. The recent wave of Cumbia music that has enveloped most of Latin America has a very active node across the border towns of northern Mexico. Tijuana's electronic musicians have embraced this wave with gusto"

The very popular DJ Chucuchu is bringing an infectious Latin flavour to this year’s Big Day Out.
His Tijuana electronic speciality is sure to be well received, as will the visual delights he is renowned for, creating a carnival atmosphere to rival the best in the world.

Manuel Estrella "Gato"

Musician, Composer and Performer

Mexican musician, composer and performer. Graduated from the Superior School of the Arts of Yucatan, his interest in investigating the sound and body relation, have led him to take classes, workshops and seminars of composition, aesthetic, programming music and performing arts with Julio Estrada, Mario Lavista, Javier Alvarez, Manuel de Elías, Orlando Jacinto Garcia, Ken Ueno, Germán Romero, Kevin Patton, Colasanto Francisco, among others.


He recieved the grant  with the project "El niño electrónico" from FOECAY 2007, same year which he began his studies in body improvisation with Sarah Jaffe, Antonio Salinas, Tamara Cubas, Lourdes Luna, Victor Hernandez, Eun Jung Choi, Vladimir Rodriguez, Luis Biasotto, Leandro Kees, David Zambrano, Cecilia Colacrai, among others.


His work has appeared in venues and festivals of USA, Spain, Uruguay, Brasil and Chile, as well as in Mexico, also he has developed creatively in dance and theater, working sound designs for national and international scenic directors and choreographers such as Tatiana Zugazagoitia, Raquel Araujo, Jorge Vargas, Lourdes Luna, Tamara Cubas, Eun Jung Choi Jaime Camarena, Shanti Vera and Victor Hernández, Dalel Bacre, Arturo Lugo "Chino".


Nowadays he has the fund "Young Creators" PECDA 2014 with the project "Los 100 escuchas" and he's part of the performing arts companies La Rendija (Yuc.), Murmurante Teatro (Yuc.), Kaizen Danza (D.F.), Cuatro x Cuatro (Xalapa) and collective mákinadT (Yuc.), making scenic and sound-body workout.


Has been awarded at the "Premio Nacional de Danza Guillermo Arriaga" in 2014 and 2015 releases, for best original music in the plays "Habitante" and "El reparto de lo sensible" both pieces directed by Shanti Vera.

Arturo Lugo "Chino"

Performance Artist

"Multifunctional Artist" graduated from the Center of Art Education "Luis Spota Saavedra" and of the Professional School of Dance of Mazatlán EPDM, was part of the first generation of the Diploma Interacciones Cuerpos en Dialogo in Oaxaca. In 2011 he was a Fellowship of the National Fund for Culture and Arts (FONCA) to be part of the cast of the Contemporary Dance Production Center CEPRODAC.

From 2012 to 2016 he has worked creatively as an interpreter, art director, costume designer and lighting designer for different companies, for example: arteNÓMADA director Dalel Bacre, EXPECTANTE, direction Areli Moran, company CUATRO X CUATRO contemporary art, director Shantí Vera, Company of Dance LA CEBRA gay dance, the director José Rivera Moya, the Colectivo Clá from Costa Rica and with the artists Diego Mur, Dalel Bacre and Nehuían Fuentes.

His interest in diversifying artistic creation has led him to the artistic direction of dance pieces, photographs and music videos.
In 2013 Artistically create and manage the project AMPLIO ESPECTRO and the cultural company LA SANTA CULPA. His work as a creative agent has allowed him to perform at festivals such as 24 Aura International Dance Festival in Kaunas Lithuania.

He has designed and imparted the ATLAS << image and movement map >> workshop in cities like Kaunas, Monterrey, Mexicali and Guadalajara; Workshop designed as a research space that has as object of study: the relationship of the body with the factors that transform and modify the body, such as materials, color, texture, space, giving way to a discourse between the image and the movement.

As a stage artist and creator he is interested in the integration of aesthetics, the plastic art and the use of material as a method of creation and construction of language, seeking a dialogue with creatives from various branches  to consolidate processes Of dialogue and encounter built from a wide spectrum of art.

Amplio Espectro

Art Project

Es un proyecto escénico que busca construir diálogos y ejercicios creativos que exploren y experimenten las posibilidades del cuerpo, el movimiento, la imagen, los objetos y los espacios desde diferentes perspectivas y lenguajes. El proyecto Amplio Espectro, bajo la dirección de Arturo Lugo, está conformado por personas de diversas disciplinas (danza, historia, teatro, pedagogía, videoarte) interesadas en explorar y organizarse de manera intuitiva, reflexiva y educativa, para generar encuentros a nivel creativo, social y económico, construidos desde la autogestión en un espectro amplio del arte.


Nuestro modo de trabajo se ha construido principalmente por la colaboración pues consideramos que el trabajo colectivo es fundamental para la investigación creativa, sobre todo cuando este trabajo diluye los limites de las disciplinas y nos permite entrar en un diálogo que valora tanto el resultado como los procesos.


El proyecto busca colaborar con otros agentes creativos con los que intuimos o sabemos que podemos entablar un diálogo, abordar un proceso creativo o encontrar conexiones en nuestros discursos, principios o búsquedas. 

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