Dalel Bacre is an artist and choreographer from Mexico who uses body movements and interpretations through performances to push the boundaries of contemporary art and concepts of beauty.

She currently works as movement director and choreographer with actors and models within different projects such as movies, video games, television series, commercials, etc., helping either to build a character for a specific role or guiding people how to be and move during a scene or shooting.  

Her studies eventually graduated to taking master classes focused in theatre and contemporary art. Dalel continues to advance her processes through the practice of Kung Fu. This last has been a powerful tool that has helped her to understand and observe her body from another perspective, offering her different ways of thinking from the body and enriching her own body language.

Recognised for her extensive career in the performing arts, Dalel always challenges the aesthetics and traditional beauty of dance. Her physical lab, “Several Connections”, was developed to define her own body language of movement.

Dalel started dancing professionally in  1999 with Paralelo32 dance company in Mexico, where she worked with different national and international choreographers and directors.

Since then she has danced and collaborated on different international and national art projects, which has given Dalel an extensive experience and insight into the performing arts and an understanding of the body from different perspectives.


In 2013 she founded arteNÓMADA which is currently collaborating with filmmaker Christian Weber (US), Dr. Alderete (ARG), Greg Harris (NZ), Maria Gordillo (SP), Amplio Espectro (MX), Arturo Lugo (MX), Monika Gintersdorfer (DE), and others.


From 2011 to 2013 she was part of CEPRODAC / Contemporary Dance Production Center in Mexico.

December 2015 Dalel was invited by the Cátedra Ingmar Bergman (MX) to collaborate with the Goethe-Institut and Kampnagel (DE) for a project created by art duo Gintersdorfer - Klaßen. Performances were held in 2017 during the dual art year between Germany and Mexico.

In October 2017 Dalel received the Pearls and the Artist Prize award at the Pool Internationales TanzFilmFestival Berlin for her performance in the  piece entitled Werewolf Heart, with the same film and in May 2017 she is awarded at the Video Dance Festival Agite y Sirva, November 2016 Dalel received an honorable mention for her performance and choreography from the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival.

From January to March 2020 Dalel is doing an artistic residency at the Theatre Bremen in collaboration with the company La FLEUR directed by  Monika Gintersdorfer.

Dalel has made appearances in these international dance festivals as both a dancer and choreographer; 


Festival Internacional Cuatro x Cuatro 10 (MX), The Current Sessions: Vol. Vll On Resistance (NY), Kontexto Mexiko (Kampnagel, Hamburg), New Shoes 11 (HighWays, USA), International Festival Cuatro x Cuatro (MX), International Contemporary Dance Festival Onésimo González (MX), XX International Contemporary Dance Oc-Ohtic (MX), INBA-UAM Awards (MX), Award Guillermo Arriaga (MX), ODC Theater (US), Entre Fronteras International Dance Festival (MX), ODC Theater (US), Festival Internacional Lila Lóppez (MX), International Solo-Dance-Theatre Festival Stuttgart (DE), and others. 


For theater productions, workshops, and master classes she has collaborated with;


Dr. Alderete (ARG), (Christian Weber (US), The Legendary Tigerman (POR), Gintersdofer & Klassen (DE), Victor Quijada (CA), Dorian Wood (US), Shantí Vera (MX), Diego y José Alvarez Sanou, (CR), Ultima Vez (BE), Akram Khan Company (UK), The Trisha Brown Company (US), Miguel Ángel Punzano (ES), Rob Hayden (BE), Dam Van Huynh (VN), Octavio Iturbe (ES), Tony Orrico (US), Uta Lampers (DE), Tamara Cubas (UY), Camilo Chapela (NL), Aladino R. Blanca (MX), Maruxa Salas & Erik Jimenez (ES), Pierre-Yves Diacon (CH), Norman Christianson (US), SanDiego DanceTheater (US), Kim Epifano (US), Antonio Salinas (MX), Benito González (MX), Jaciel Neri (MX), Rolando Beattie (MX), José Rivera Moya (MX), Claudia Lavista (MX), Sin Luna Danza Punk (MX), Amplio Espectro (MX), Alex Catona (RO), Jean Issacs (US), Marco Antonio Silva (MX), and others.


Support Funds + Awards Dalel has received

2020 Artist Residency at the Theater Bremen, Germany with Monika Gintersdorfer

2019 ISSA - International Sports Sciences Association Certified 

2018 Artist in Residence at The Iron Factory's in Philadelphia, USA       

2017 Awarded at the Pool Internationales TanzFilmFestival Berlin with the Pearls 17 & Artist Prize 

2017 Awarded at the International Film Festival Agite y Sirva, Werewolf Heart.

2016 Honorable Mention for her performance and choreography in the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival, Werewolf Heart..


2015 is invited by the Goethe-Institut (MX) and Kampnagel (DE) to participate in project by the duo of artists Gintersdorfer / Klaßen in 2016/2017

2011-2013 FONCA (National Fund of Culture and Arts) Contemporary Dance Production Center CEPRODAC 

2009-2010 FONCA (National Fund of Culture and Arts) Scenic Creator “B”, to create the piece WAKARANAI in collaboration with Aladino R. Blanca // Inside the Body performing arts 

2004-2005 FONCA (National Fund of Culture and Artsas Interpreter in a project with the company Delfos Contemporary Dance and A Poc A Poc Dance 

2013-2014, 2007-2008, 2001-2002 FOECA (State Fund of Culture and Arts) at Individual Artistic Development 


Dance Teacher

Performance Artist & Choreographer

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