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Athletic Legs Training

Get Athletic + Stay Agile

Learn how to increase your athletic performance by developing better connectivity and communication between your joints, while keeping strength and power in the rest of your body.

This guide is based on how I personally like to train my legs as a professional dancer and athlete.

You will be doing 4 workouts a week,

1 Flexibility day, stretching session before and after training, 1 recovery day, 1 rest day.



Athletic Spine + Core Training

Get Strong + Stay Strong 

This guide will challenge you like never before! The main goal of this guide, is building strength and Increase your ability to transfer force and power from your lower body to your upper body and vice versa.
You will be doing 4 whole body workouts a week,

1 Mobility day, stretching session before and after training, 1 recovery day,  day rest.


Athletic Mind-Psychological Training

Get Fit + Stay Healthy

Putting your mind and body in situations to grow and expand, I use different tools, exercises and games to test, develop and adapt your physical condition.

You will be doing 3 workouts a week mix between lower and upper body sessions,  

stretching session before and after training, 1 recovery day, 1 day rest.


BODY BY DALEL / Full & Mobility Training

Get Stronger Overall + Stay Lean 

This guide is made for those who are ready to work really hard in order to impactful results. Strength training with focus on Athletic Legs, Core & Spine.

Challenge yourself and shred your body with intense cardio after every workout.

You will be doing 5 workouts a week, different types of cardio methods after the strength workouts 

stretching session before and after training, 1 movement mobility day, 1 day rest.

Probably my toughest training so far.

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