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Physical LAB


I am looking for active participants that can enhance and challenge the concepts I explore, I want to work with people who can bring solutions, people out of the frame.


Create strategies and tactics through movement to become more efficient with your bodies energy and also adapting your training when injured. Playing with your body’s three centers - Head, Chest, Pelvis - and learn to pay attention to how your joints move (it’s important to observe the joints and how they work), this is the focus of Physical Lab.

Partner work is very important to the process of this lab, it enables you to challenge your limits. In the world we interact with people, we are not alone, we create relationships that allow us to develop other paths or possibilities. We cannot evolve alone. Being with a partner will help develop certain strategies, while also changing and training with different partners will open up new ways to experience movement. 


Practitioners need to be open to change and have the ability to adapt, there is nothing rigid in thought and body in Several Connections. Learn to be efficient with your muscles and train without getting exhausted.

With your pain you need to work, with your injuries you need to work. Use all that you have with less intensity while listening to your body. Learn what you are doing wrong and changing it. This is a philosophy of Kung Fu and has become the primary philosophy of Physical Lab.

​This lab also embodies the spirit of animals. Animals fight for survival, they are always alert, and they are in constant movement. Animals take the time to be in the experience, and we can regain that animal quality we once possessed.


Increases your athletic capacity by developing better connectivity and communication between your joints in relation to your whole body.

a) Leg and Balancing

b) Standing Position


c) Gravity 

d) Preparatory Flexions and Extensions 

e) Dynamic Joint Stability 

f) Athletic Leg work

g) Navigate Your Energy

Look for the circumstances that give birth to new possibilities. Stay open and ready to explore.

We need to think and speculate - We need to be alert - We need to play - We shouldn't be afraid.



Investigation Lab

Intoeing is a physical lab and scenic proposal that Dalel has developed to define the personal language of movement.

Using internal rotation of the lower extremities, the practitioners will be able to find and develop different qualities of movement where personal exploration and understanding of our body is the key.

Exploring soft and tense movement with our joints, defying our physical limits, knowing our needs of movement, using our own biomechanics to listen and understand our body, these are all part of Investigation Lab. 


Seeing our body as an imperative and autonomous entity, playing with limited ranges of movement, playing with angular movements, playing with our thinking efficiency to develop paths of physical understanding, this is where Intoeing comes to life.

inward - hacia dentro - efficiency - limites - no limits - knowing - unknown - desarrollo - laboratorio - investigation - imperative - suave - joints - listening - exploración - tool - physical - autónomo - extremidades - never enough.

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